Global Woman Summit 2011

Global Woman Summit 2011 – Women Nurturing Nations

Global Woman is “Every Woman‟s Passport to the World”.

The Global Woman Summit 2011 is taking place in Washington D.C. from 8-11 October 2011. It is an educational three-day event, uniting and honoring women from around the world, in an effort to help close the bridge that divides them. The Summit will be held on October 8th – 11th 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill at 400 New Jersey Avenue Northwest in Washington, D.C. 20001.

Purpose of the Summit

The purpose of the Global Woman Summit is to bring women of all backgrounds, nationalities and religions together to learn more about the challenges that affect their lives; how they vary from one culture to another and what the best „Call for Action‟ is. There will be 9 panels over the 3-day period. At the end of the 3-day summit, Global Woman will hold an “Awards Ceremony”, where women will be honored for their work in their respective communities.

Proceeds from the Summit

The proceeds from the Summit will benefit the Global Woman Peace Foundation in the building of an educational and rehabilitation academy in Liberia, West Africa and our efforts to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation. 

This event has already attracted the following women speakers from around the world. Many of them hold important and public positions, and have faced numerous challenges in their lives and careers.

Speakers so far include: 

  1. Her Excellency, Wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor
  2. Her Excellency, Wife of the President of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan
  3. Dr. Suaad Fahad – Dean of Female Community Colleges, Minister of Higher Education of Saudi Arabia
  4. Dr. Kiran Bedi – First woman in India to become Director of Police/Author/Speaker
  5. Dr. Susan Silberstein – Founder of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (CACE)
  6. Dr. Rose Macauley – Pediatrician, Technical Team Leader of Physicians of USAID Health Project in Liberia
  7. Ms. Nina Eisenhardt – City Council Member of the Green Party of Germany and works against nuclear weapons and education for disarmament
  8. Ms. Maimah Karmo – Founder/President of Tigerlily Foundation, a breast cancer prevention and support foundation; she was instrumental in getting the Early Act Bill passed in U.S. Congress
  9. Ms. Ritu Sharma – Activist for the protection of women against violence.  Presented the International Violence Against Women Act to U.S. Congress/Senate, which was voted on 29Sept. 2010
  10. Chief Cathy Lanier – Washington, D.C. Chief of Police 
  11. Ms. Soukeyna Boye Spivey – Director of Abyssinian Development Corporation and an expert on female genital cutting
  12. Ms. Carole Spiers – World Authority on Corporate Stress; Motivational Speaker and Gulf News Columnist
  13. Ms. Marina Golomedova – Executive Director CBS News Russia

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