Hi, my name is Bettina. Welcome to my blog.

As an executive coach, I am often asked to help women clients to become more successful in their lives and at work.  Although each woman and her story are different and very individual, there are a lot of common themes, which I want to share with you in this blog.  

The purpose of this blog is to share information and simple, yet effective coaching processes to help women in particular to  

  • understand what ‘success’ means to them
  • define clear goals and plans to achieve ‘their success’
  • identify and overcome road blocks along the way
  • become part of an ever growing community of global women

Please feel free to comment on the blog posts and share your own experiences and stories to help us build a community of like-minded people. I also welcome other authors who wish to publish related articles.

If you are interested in coaching or sharing your insights/articles on this site, please feel free to contact me on bettina.pickering@aronagh.co.uk.

About the Author

Bettina Pickering, founder of Aronagh Ltd, is a transformative  coach, leadership trainer and change management consultant. Bettina is passionate about developing individuals, teams and leaders to perform at their best using a variety of techniques including coaching, NLP and MBTI.

For over 15 years, she worked as a management consultant  in complex, culturally diverse and fast changing environments. She has a track record of successfully leading and delivering a variety of business transformation engagements encompassing long-term multi-million pound change programmes leading teams of 30+ people, short-term projects leading teams of 2-5 people and delivering as an individual on an intervention or trusted advisor basis. Her views on people and change related topics have been published in HRZone, AccountingWeb, Employee Engagement, FT, The Times and Conspectus.

To contact me for coaching, training, consulting or speaking engagements you can: