Success is a team effort! – Who’s in your team?

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Despite what you may think, there is always someone else involved in your success somewhere along the way. These people include your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, bosses and many more. Some of these people helped you, others provided challenges you needed to overcome such as limiting beliefs or other perceived obstacles, and others again acted as role models without actively taking a part in your successes.

Most of us do not actively manage our ‘team’ for success. And, therefore we do not make the best use of the people we have around us or bring those people on board who would accelerate our success.

This week, I invite you to think about those people you need or want in your team to help you to achieve your goals.

For your top goal –  who is currently in your team? Make a list of all people who are connected to your goal, including the ones you talk to about your goal and the ones who you listen to when they voice an opinion. Consider grouping your ‘team members’ using the following categories:

Review your supporters – who else do you need in your team to support you? If you have it, use your plan and/or goal visualisation and consider who else might be a good person to have on board. Also consider any role models of people you have read about or heard of who have gone and achieved similar goals to yours. Also, check out your ‘saboteurs’: Who do you need to remove from your team and reduce the time you give them? Remember the saboteurs are only saboteurs because you let them!

Your active supporters want you to succeed. However, we often do not make it easy for our supporters to give us the more effective support they can give us. For example, we may not be explict about our goals and what we are trying to achieve, or we are not specific about what we need each of the supporters to do for us.

Now, consider each of your active supporters and ask yourself:

  • How clear are your supporters about your goal, their active part in your goal and what you need from them?
  • How can you convert some of your passive supporters to make them active supporters?

Sometimes it can be difficult to answer these questions by yourself. If that is the case for you, why not ask your ‘supporters’ for advice and help? Just talking to them about your goal and your plans, and listening to their views, might already take you a step further towards your goal.

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